This article was originally published on on October 9, 2017.

Ask any client of Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Stephanie Therrell and they will tell you she is one cool cat under pressure. She’s one part Charlotte real estate expert (she’s lived here 30 years), one part confidant and friend to her buyers and sellers and all negotiation ninja. “Stephanie has a way of reading people, to understand their needs and tastes, and she makes recommendations based on her impression. She is always putting her clients needs first. I was so impressed with her, I referred three other people to her,” says past client Laurie McWilliams.

Charlotte’s low inventory is leading to multiple offers and finding the right person to guide you through this often frustrating process is key. We caught up to Stephanie to find out how she effectively works with buyers and sellers in a tight real estate market.

C5: What do you enjoy most about working with buyers?
ST: I love walking through a house and hearing how a buyer sees their family living in the home. I love keeping up with clients on social media and seeing pictures of their home after they all are settled.

C5:On the other side, how do you work with sellers?
ST: I take the time to listen to why they want to make a move. Whether they are downsizing or need more space, the home they are leaving is filled with memories, and those memories are just as important as selling their house.

C5: I know you educate your clients throughout the entire process, but what have they taught you?
ST: I frequently ask my clients what their favorite activity is or where they hang out on the weekends. I’ve been introduced to Popbar in NODA, and Sunflour Bakery in Dilworth. There’s a lot of positive change and growth to keep up with in Charlotte.

C5: Negotiation has become commonplace in our market, how do you stay so calm?
ST: Negotiating an offer is really the first step of a process that may have several surprises along the way. I have found that being a calm presence and setting expectations creates an easier experience for my clients. I don’t get bogged down by a curve ball, I calmly and efficiently keep things moving in a positive direction for my clients.

C5: What challenges are ahead for buyers?
ST: The greatest challenge facing home buyers right now is the low number of homes for sale, which leads to many houses having multiple offers. While this can seem overwhelming for buyers, it’s still a much better deal to purchase a home now versus waiting.

C5: You have some unusual advice for buyers. What is it?
ST: This question makes me chuckle, but honestly the greatest advice I give my home buyers is to get a permit if they are going to make any changes to their home. That screened in porch you want to add after you move in will cost you so much more money down the road if you don’t have your contractor pull a permit.

If you are looking to buy or sell or need to learn how to keep calm under pressure, give Stephanie a call. She is more than happy to take a look at the numbers and discuss the right move for you. We feel better already.